MOMENTS in Memories | Texts

A film created by the students of Special Studies in Vocal Repertoire

Musical Director - Dr. Lisa Sylvester

Concept and Direction by Munachimso

Edited by Brandon Ortiz

Songs by B.E. Boykin

Moments in Sonder poetry by Maya Angelou

"Love Let the Wind Cry" poetry by Sappho (translation by H.T. Wharton)

Composed by Undine Smith Moore

"Hold Fast to Dreams" poetry by Langston Hughes

Composed by Florence Price

Love Let the Wind Cry….How I Adore Thee

Composed by Undine Smith Moore

Poetry by Sappho

Translation by H.T. Wharton

Love, let the clear call

Of the tree cricket,

Frailest of creatures

Green as the young grass,

Mark with his trilling

Resonant bell-note,

How I adore thee

But, more than all sounds,

Surer, serener,

Fuller of passion

And exultation,

Let the hushed whisper.

In thine own heart say,

How I adore thee

Senses of Insecurity

By B.E. Boykin

I couldn’t tell fact from fiction

Or if my dream was true

The only sure prediction

In this whole world was you

I’d touched your features inchly

Heard love and dared the cost

The scented spiel reeled me unreal

And found my senses lost.

How Can I Lie to You

By B.E. Boykin

Now thread my voice with lies

Of lightness

Force within my mirror eyes

The cold disguise

Of sad and wise decisions


By B.E. Boykin

The day hangs heavy

loose and grey when you’re away

A crown of thorns

A shirt of hair is what I wear

No one knows my lonely heart

When we’re apart

Passing Time

By B.E. Boykin

Your skin like dawn

Mine like musk

One paints the beginning of a certain end.

The other, the end

of a sure beginning.

A Conceit

By B.E. Boykin

Give me your hand

Make room for me

to lead and follow you

beyond this rage of poetry.

Let others have

the privacy of

touching words

and love of loss

of love.

For me

Give me your hand.

In a Time

By B.E. Boykin

In a time of secret wooing

Today prepares tomorrow’s ruin

Left knows not what right is doing

My heart is torn asunder

In a time of furtive sighs

Sweet hellos and sad goodbyes

Half-truths and entire lies

My conscience echoes thunder

In a time when kingdoms come

Joy is brief as summer’s fun

Happiness its race has won

Then pain stalks in to plunder

When You Come to Me

By B.E. Boykin

When you come to me unbidden,

Beckoning me to long ago rooms

Where memories lie

Off’ring me, as to a child, an attic

Gatherings of days too few,

Baubles of stolen kisses

Trinklets of borrowed loves

Trunks of secret words, I CRY

On Diverse Deviations

By B.E. Boykin

When love is a shimmering curtain

before a door of chance

That leads to a world in question

Where-in the macabrous dance

Of bones that rattle in silence

Of blinded eyes and rolls

Of thick lips thin, denying

A thousand powdered moles,

Where touch to touch is feel

And life a weary whore

I would be carried off, not gently

To a store,

Where love is the scream of anguish

and no curtain drapes the door


By B.E. Boykin

Soft grey ghosts crawl up on my sleeve

To peer into my little eyes

While I deny their threats

And answer them with lies

Mush-like memoires perform a ritual on my lips

I lie in stolid hopelessness

And they lay my soul in strips


By B.E. Boykin


The crystal rags

Viscous tatters of a wandering soul


Deep swan song

Blue farewell of dying dream

Hold Fast to Dreams

Composed by Florence Price

Poetry by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken winged bird

That cannot die

Hold fast to Dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow

The Lesson

By B.E. Boykin

I keep on dying again.

Veins collapse, opening like the

Small fists of sleeping


Memory of old tombs,

Rotting flesh and worms do

Not convince me against

The challenge.

The years

And cold defeat live deep in

Lines along my face.

They dull my eyes, yet

I keep on dying,

Because I love to live.

Sounds Like Pearls

By B.E. Boykin

Sounds like pearls roll off your tongue

To grace this eager ebon ear

Doubt and fear

Ungainly things,

With blushings



By B.E. Boykin

How often must we

Must we butt to head

Mind to ass

Flank to nuts

Cock to elbow

Hip to toe

Soul to shoulder

Confront ourselves

In our past


By B.E. Boykin


In what other lives or lands

Have I known your lips

Your Hands

Your Laughter brave


Those sweet excesses that

I do adore.

What surety is there

That we will meet again,

On other worlds some

Future time undated.

I defy my body's haste.

Without the promise

Of one more sweet encounter

I will not deign to die.