An Evening with the Choral & Sacred Music Department: Text & Translations

"Herald the Day"

Composed by Patrice Rushen

Herald the day! Celebrate the day! Be it a joyful, faithful grateful day, A blessed day, a peaceful day. Herald the day! Celebrate the day! Be it a thoughtful, hopeful, prayerful day, A merciful day, a bountiful day. Herald the day! Celebrate the day! Herald the day!


"Laudate Dominum"

Composed by W.A. Mozart

Traditional Latin text

Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, Laudate eum, omnes populi. Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia ejus, et veritas domini manet in aeternum.

O praise the Lord, all ye nations, praise him, all ye peoples. For his loving kindness has been bestowed upon us, and the truth of the Lord endures for ever.

Gloria Patri et filio et spiritui sancto. Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.



Composed by Shelby Stroud

You’re a warm velvet cloak

Without you I am cold

Forever by my side

Delicious homemade pie

And when you’re here

I’m safe and I’m secure

Individually unique

But together we’re complete

You opened up the door

You opened up the door

And now I feel secure

You opened up the door


"Der Herr segne euch"

Composed by J.S. Bach

Traditional text

Der Herr segne euch je mehr und mehr

euch und eure Kinder

May the Lord bless you ever more and more

you and your children


“Te Atua”

Composed by Taipa Kameta of Ngati Rongomai

Te Atua

Kia tukua mai to aroha me te māramatanga

Nei o pononga e whakamoemiti atu ki a koe

Kia tika taku haere ki te mata o te whenua

Kia u te māramatanga i roto i ahau e

To our Lord

We give thanks to for giving us your love and understanding

I will travel safely on the face of this land

And I will hold safe to all you have given me



Composed by Sydney Guillaume & Louis M. Celestin

Haitian Creole – English Poetic Translation

Danse Rara se libète

Danse Rara se defoulman

Profite de moman sa

Li prale li pap tounen

Ou te mèt sa ou te ye

Rara sa ap fè w bouje

Moun sou moun ape grouye

Odè lanmou ape monte

Vini, vin souke kò w

Danse Rara se libète

Danse Rara se defoulman

Profite de moman sa

Li prale li pap tounen

Vini, vin souke kò w

Bliye touman mizè lakay-ou

Vin danse ake tout kè-ou

Vin soulaje tout fant konsyans-ou

Vin ogmante filing nan bann nan

Vin devide tout mwèl nan kò w

Vini danse, vini kadanse

Kite mizik la roule

Kite bit la mache

Ansanm ansanm n ape danse

N ape danse jouk sa kaba

Dancing Rara is freeing

Dancing Rara is unleashing

Take advantage of this moment

It will pass and won’t come back

Whoever you may be

This Rara will make you move

The crowd’s getting their groove on

The smell of love is rising

Come, come shake your body

Dancing Rara is freeing

Dancing Rara is unleashing

Take advantage of this moment

It will pass and won’t come back

Come, come shake your body

Forget your worries at home

Come dance with all your heart

Come and sooth all the cracks of your conscience

Come and add to the groove of the band

Come and bare your soul

Come, dance, come feel the rhythm

Let the music play on

Let the beat ride

All together we dance

We dance till we drop


“Loy Krathong”

Composed by Pathorn Swasdisuk

Wan pen deurn sibsong nam gor nong tem taling

rau tang lai chai ying sa nook gun jing wan loy kra- tong

loy kra- tong kan laew kor chern nong gaew og ma ram wong

ram wong loy kra- tong boon ja song hai rau sook jai

The full-moon day of the twelfth month, as water fills to the banks

We all both men and women are having fun in Loi Krathong day

Float float the Krathongs, float float the Krathongs

We have already floated the Krathong already

I would like to ask you (beloved younger lady) to come out and dance

Dance in the Loi Krathong day, dance in the Loi Krathong day

Making merit will give us happiness



Taiwan Bunun Tune, arr. Yu-Shan Chang

He ia he, I nak tu is ang mi lic kin, daq vi santou su, duq ma lisci hal las.

He ia he, nit u min bun gul, a cang tu za ku mal u su.

Si ma tisbung baav, ti ang qa na dau maq panaqon qanvang qanadau

Minquek quek min qaung qaung tupai qaisul maba zua tilas

Nada sun qanu up ma si qaisaq qa nu up, ma si asu pa ludun

Mal ta pau zu ta kiqan vang.

Isang nak mi lis kin I s utu dai dadh mi li lic kin su zaku ta ma saz

He ia he, mu so qais ma nas kali sang nak pa sa du.

Hai ke luwa I hai ya ho.

“Missing you from afar, how are you doing? Don't forget that I am waiting for you at home.” The warriors respond in a different time and space - ”I am thinking of you too, and I will definitely come back safely.”


“Ikan Kekek”

Traditional Malay, arr. Yu Hang Tan

Ikan kekek mak iloi iloi

Ikan gelama mak ilai ilai

Nanti adik mak iloi iloi

Pulang sama mak ilai ilai

Ada satu ikan parang

Badannya panjang berbelang-belang

Isinya sikit banyak tulang

Sedap dimakan kalau masak pindan

The ponyfish, mak iloi iloi

The soldier croaker fish, mak iloi iloi

wait a second, my dear younger brother/sister, mak iloi iloi

Let’s go home together, mak ilai ilai

There’s a herring

The body is long and stripped

And there are more bones than flesh

It tastes good if it’s cooked in the style of pindang